Reduces Wrinkles

Rinica products reduce wrinkles on the aging skin by re-introducing anti-oxidants and moisture through nano-colloid technology, thus reducing wrinkles.


The anti-bacterial properties of Rinica products can help to heal skin that has micro cuts and acne.

Delays Aging

Rinica products use unique combination of natural and organic ingredients and platinum nano-colloid technology to delay aging of the skin.

Superb Anti-Oxidation

Oxidants are materials that are created by your body as product of your biological processes. They are very active and are looking for something to react with in your cells normally resulting in destruction of your cells. Antioxidants counteract these free oxidants and stop their harmful reaction. Rinica products provide... Learn More

Free Radical Scavenger

A free radical scavenger is a vitamin, mineral, or enzyme that is able to destroy free radicals. The term "free radical" refers to a molecule that has one or more unpaired electrons. This makes them very unstable, and they move through the bloodstream, taking electrons from other cells or giving... Learn More

Anti-Irritant Effect

Any ingredient that reduces signs of inflammation, such as swelling, tenderness, pain, itching, or redness. Many ingredients perform the function of anti-irritants or anti-inflammatories, and better ones are being discovered all the time


Help soothe inflamed skin.