About Us

Rinica Company is Natural Skin Care startup from Chicago

Rinica Company is Natural Skin Care startup based near Chicago. Founded by a mother and son team - Irina Gorbikov and Nick. Irina is a Mechanical Engineer who switched careers midlife to become a Licensed Esthetician and developed her own skin creams for her family and clients and Nick is Software Developer and handles operations.

Rinica Creams are a result of a need. Irina needed an effective natural product that doesn't use artificial additives, is allergy-sensitive and doesn't skimp on ingredients

Irina has always had various allergies to a multitude of products, including common household cleaners, many fruits, and almost all processed foods. Being allergic to many skin case products, she needed to develop a new creamt that she could use herself and give to her own family members. 

It took us 10 years from idea to bringing product to the market - because we wanted to make sure we create the best possible, most natural, skin care product. It took us 10 years to find and perfect formula and products that use natural and organic ingredients that are needed without adding bloat. Find out more about the story of Irina and Rinica creams.

Rinica Creams are Made in USA

We are based in the suburbs of Chicago, right smack in the middle of the country. We believe in developing local community by bringing 21-century jobs back home - and we know that natural skin care is the future of skincare industry.    

Our products use natural and organic ingredients that are sourced from USA, Japan, Canada and France 

We've been creating custom creams for our clients for several years now and we finally feel that our products are ready to be offered to wider audience.