How to protect your skin during flight

Doesn’t matter if are you a businesswoman or just adventurer traveler, who likes to travel, airplanes are the fastest way to get to your destination.

Before your flight, there are so much to be taken care of; pack properly, have the passports ready, clothes for different climate and much more, but as a skin care specialist, I always keep skin in mind  and what negative effect travel is going to have and how can we reduce it.

During the flight, skin gets often dry and exfoliation is almost inevitable to occur.

Here is a simple tip to protect your skin on a flight:

Before and after it is recommended to apply a hydration gel underneath your moisturizer or  apply Aloe Vera Gel under your creams.

Applying method:

It is recommended to clean your skin, put the Gel on, spray your toner and apply moisturizer cream after, spread it into the skin gently and you are ready to go.

Your skin needs care, remember, that is what we are going to wear during our all of our lifetime.


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