How to protect skin when skiing

We travel miles to have fun in the sun and the snow during winter… For skin though sun, wind and snow is the hardest to be handled. Cold and sunny weather make the skin more sensitive. Windburn or sunburn is more likely to occur. 

How to reduce the risk and what can help to avoid issues, while we are having a fun time?  These tips, might help:

  1. Wearing sunscreen (with a high SPF) is a MUST!
  2. Ears are going to be exposed, they need sunscreen coat as well.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel can save the day if you put on under your moisturizer.
  4. Remember to keep your face covered as much as possible is really important.
Have a wonderful winter and make sure your skin is keeping up with your happy moments!

Posted by Irina Gorbikov on